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Digital video lessons are all well and good and in all fairness there's enough free information on the internet that'll keep you going for a number of decades if you see fit, but who's overseeing your progress? Who's giving you the reassurance and guidance you need along the way? 

Most importantly, who's helping you when it all goes wrong, is there to share helpful insights to get you back on course to achieving your musical goals? YouTube doesn't give this sort of direction.


In my opinion there's no substitute for relationships and learning any instrument should always be on a One2One basis...unfortunately, it's our generation that has chosen an alternative platform.

Every single student has a personalised curriculum created for them, with all the learning materials supplied during their 60 min One2One session. Most critically, everyone has access to round-the-clock support with their questions and queries...something YouTube doesn't supply!

One2One Remote Lessons

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Here's some miscellaneous information...


Lesson Rates:

  • Each individual lesson costs £40 (GBP) per hour.  

  • Prepaying for four lessons qualifies you for a discount: 4x60mins lessons = £150 (GBP)

  • Lesson times can only be arranged once payment has been confirmed.

  • Please email With Bass In Mind to receive PayPal information.


Lesson Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the lesson must be paid in full, they are not moveable, or refundable.

  • Cancellations made prior to this 24 hour window will be both refundable and moveable.


Misc Information:

  • All sessions are recorded and can be saved to your computer for private reference. 

  • You are not permitted to share and/or post any audio or visual data from our time together on social media.

  • This action will result in the immediate cancellation of all further bookings, with no refund.


Essential Equipment:

  • To aid isolation and the quality of the session, please use headphones on all Skype calls.


Practice Diary Submission:

You will be required to record yourself and submit practice diaries on a regular basis. Obviously, you can use any preferred format, (an ‘unlisted’ YouTube video is more than sufficient video). However, other options are available and I direct all students towards  ‘Use Loom’ ( where possible. If you’ve not got an account with this free service, it may be worth organising prior to our sessions.


Securing Your Lesson Time:

This is the best bit! Once you’ve made your PayPal transaction, a link will be sent to my online calendar.


You'll have the power to choose any time of your preference, on the day most convenient!

Thanks for reading! Are you ready to book a session...? Just get in contact!


Very best,
Philip Mann

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