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Jeff Berlin: My Academic Epiphany

My entire musical resumé can be divided into two periods:

(i) The which came prior to studying with Jeff Berlin

(ii) and, that which succeeded.

Almost every prolific event that has defined my music career happened after my period of study with Jeff Berlin. I'm 100% certain that my time under Jeff's wing is responsible for redefining me as the musician I am today. Without my time in Florida, I doubt I would ever have been able to generate the skill set that has allowed me to capitalise on the performance opportunities that have followed.  

Jeff Berlin's Consensus Gentium

Jeff Berlin’s ‘Consensus Gentium’ was a unique platform, hosted by With Bass In Mind's YouTube Channel, where the discussion of bass education is unapologetic, where valid practice methods are demonstrated and where perceived myths of being taught are confrontedAll simply...With Bass In Mind.

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The Jeff Berlin Music GrouP

Jeff Berlin is revered as one of our generation's finest bass academics, so naturally, With Bass In Mind is proud to be directly affiliated with The Jeff Berlin Music Group. 

Berlin's Beginning-to-Advanced Sight Reading packages contain a series of études that naturally build upon one another running the gamut from whole notes on individual strings at a beginner level, to fully comprehensive études which contain a huge array of melodic and rhythmic motifs. These packages are amongst some of the most comprehensive, admirable and inspiring resources available to those academically minded bassists. I'm proud to endorse these materials and offer them as the exclusive core basis for all of my One2One remote reading lessons.

Sample Materials

Jeff Berlin Music Group - Sample 1
Jeff Berlin Music Group - Sample 5
Jeff Berlin Music Group - Sample 4
Jeff Berlin Music Group - Sample 2
Jeff Berlin Music Group - Sample 3

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What Does the Affiliation Offer?

It's important to me that the materials I endorse during my One2One remote reading sessions establish a first-rate curriculum, of the highest possible standards.

Thus, whether you are a complete beginner, novice, or advancing reader, With Bass In Mind offers One2One remote reading sessions whereby all notation studied is supplied by The Jeff Berlin Music Group, ensuring the materials are amongst the finest available to academically minded bass players.

Whether you are a complete beginner taking your first steps in learning to read, or a member of The Jeff Berlin Music Group alumni simply seeking further mentoring, feedback and assurance - this resource will prove a credible partnership, and one which I look forward to delivering.


This unique affiliation also grants With Bass In Mind One2One students access to unique discounts on the complete range of  sight reading packages available through the Jeff Berlin Music Group.


More information on One2One remote sight reading lessons can be accessed here.

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