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September '18: not a month many of you will bookmark as a significant 30 days that changed the path of the universe - but for this little cockney bassist it proved an autumnal benchmark, as I was able to realised a journalistic ambition and appear simultaneously on the front cover of both Bass Guitar Magazine (UK), and Bass Player (USA).

Joel McIver has been a seminal editor for both of these publications. I can not express enough gratitude for the trust and opportunities he's extended to me over the years; both as a monthly contributor, through my own techniques column, and via the vast array of articles, interviews and reviews that's he's commissioned.

I'm immensely proud to be part of such a wonderful team and find it hard to believe that I've now been commissioned for over 100 publications. None, however, will ever equal the feeling I received the day I was able to walk into my local newsagents with my mother and purchase the magazines you see here (I went home with the store's entire inventory!) - if you can see past Stanley Clarke, you'll spot my little face in the top right corner. A tiny, but significant footprint. 

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The following articles have been generously supplied by Future Publications to download, study and enjoy. But please consider that it is the magazine's current subscriptions that keep our beloved publications running - where possible, please always show your support by subscribing to future issues, this will allow us to continue delivering outstanding bass journalism around the globe.

Bass Guitar Magazine: Intermediate Techniques

Subject: The Complete Latin Programme

Bass Guitar Magazine: Advanced Techniques

Subject: The Complete Four-Fingered Technique Programme

Bass Guitar Magazine: Advanced Techniques

Subject: The Complete Tapping Programme

Bass Guitar Magazine: Misc Journalism

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