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The Journalism

Bass Guitar Magazine (UK) and Bass Player (USA)

As a student, I recall eagerly awaiting each month's instalment of Bass Player Magazine and relishing the opportunity to digest bass wisdom from the likes of Ed Friedland, Jeff Berlin and Anthony Jackson, to name but a few. These days I'm so incredibly proud to have reached a centenary of articles, reviews and technique columns featured in the very publication I loved so much growing up.

Bass Education is not just a career, it's a passion of mine.

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The Transcriptions

With Bass In Mind Transcriptions

Transcription is one of the most important disciplines to master as a developing bass guitarist. Not only does it allow instrumentalists to significantly advance their sight-reading ability, but it also allows the musician to learn the academic language of music through the eyes of others.

Over the last two decades I've transcribed literally hundreds of basslines, dozens of compositions and been commissioned to compose a vast array of academic resources for higher and further education, online distance learning and a variety of publications. I'd like to share some of these with you...completely free to download, study and enjoy.

The Affiliations

The Jeff Berlin Music Group

Jeff Berlin is revered as one of our generation's finest bass academics, so naturally, With Bass In Mind is proud to be directly affiliated with the Jeff Berlin Music Group.

This unique partnership will supply those bass students wishing to enhance their academic relationship with music, the tools to succeed through some of the finest reading materials on the planet. Whether you are a novice reader, or an advancing member of the Jeff Berlin Music Group alumni, this affiliation offers One2One guidance and mentoring through Jeff Berlin's exquisite reading materials - as well as some great discounts on his entire range of sight reading packages.

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